Surigao del Sur, Philippines

For months, I have been dying to go to Surigao. I wanted to see for myself the places written in blogs and yada yada.
The only time I could go on adventures is during weekends.. FOR NOW.. So one of those Saturdays again last June, Matt Rose (my friend since birth) and I travelled to Surigao.

Dawn of Saturday at around 4, we departed Davao through van. We woke up at around 2. We were suppose to take the bus but haven’t seen one when we went to Ecoland Bus Terminal so we opted for the van.

The travel time was 4 hours. The van driver was overspeeding once outside Davao.Haven’t really slept that long during the travel. Matt and I just chatted. I was also observing the world outside. Everything was green not until we reached Trento. I think we already entered Surigao del Sur. I saw logs piled up. I could say logging is really rampant and some areas are already bare and brown. If I’m not mistaken, mining is also done in Surigao. Am I right?

Matt Rose and I. On our way to Surigao.


We arrived in Bislig at around 8 am. By the way van fare from Davao to Bislig would cost you P 300. Once we got down from the van, there were a number of single motor drivers who approached us and offered that they cater tours to travellers and tourists.

Kuya Julie over there.

There we met Kuya Julie. We were suppose to go first to Doll House but it was way too early and they’re still closed. We headed to Tinuy-an Falls instead. Travel took us almost an hour before reaching Tinuy-an. Road from the national highway is not cemented. I kinda wonder why. Entrance fee is P 50 excluding the payment for cottage.

Hi there Tinuy-an. At last we meet.😂

Just a segway, I was so excited for this trip. It would be my first time to go to Surigao and Matty’s third.

Anyway, going back.. They say water falling from Tinuy-an that time is not that strong. Maybe because of El Niño, right?  We went up the falls.. And this is the view above..


There were a number of people that time at Tinuy-an but not really that crowded yet. It’s the weekend and classes would resume the following Monday so people would really grab the chance. “HULING HIRIT SA TAG-INIT”in the vernacular they say. 😀

I planned not to get wet in Tinuy-an but I just can’t help but give in instead. By the way, if you are planning to go  up Tinuy-an, there is a guide who will accompany you. The reason? There was already an accident. A person slid in one of the rocks. There were some slidy rocky areas so you better be careful. It’s up to you how much you are going to give to the guide. “Tata” was the name of our guide. The outfit that I wore on our way to Surigao was the same that I wore when we swam in the fresh waters of Tinuy-an. It was really far-off from the usual swimming attires. Ugh.

We passed by Lake 77. Then the obligatory photoshoot at Bislig Baywalk. Lol.

20160611_104736Next was Enchanted River in Hinatuan. Kuya Julie asked us where we were going to stay and we said “Sibadan Fish Cage”. He asked us if we already made a reservation, we told him not yet. Good thing he has a contact number and called Sibadan and reserved a room for me and Matty. Less hassle for us right? 😀

Enchanted. Enchanted

We arrived in Enchanted River at around noontime. We had almost 2 hours travel and our butts have been aching because of the long travel. Unlike the road to Tinuy-an, the road going to Enchanted River is already cemented. We had our lunch in one of the eateries outside Enchanted River. You may bring baon if you wish to. Entrance is P 30 and the place was sooooo crowded when we went there. You would not get to appreciate the river because of a lot of people swimming. Water in the river that time was green because of high tide.

Matt Rose and I swam and attacked Enchanted River. Lol! Nobody really knows how deep the river is. But it’s really deep. Yes I know how to swim but I kinda freak out everytime I go into the deep. Whoaaah!

Then we went to Sibadan Fish Cage. Boat fare is P 100/pax. There were a lot of people that time. There were from Butuan, Davao, Cagayan.

Sibadan Fish Cage

In Sibadan Fish Cage, we met Brenda, the friendly stingray. And we swam with the fishes, BIG FISHES! If you are going to catch those fishes to eat, it’ll cost you P 400/kilo. How expensive is that?

Please note that Smart LTE wifi is not available in the area. For phone signals, there is but weak. Just enjoy the moment being there.

Hi Brenda! ❤❤❤❤

The following morning, at around 6, I fed Brenda the stingray. She came near me and I touched her. Her skin’s slimy but rough. And yeah she’s entertaining people around. 😊😊😊

We went island hopping. We had fees to pay. For our first stop, Sorsoza, Ponta Cave.  We paid P 10. We were also asked to log our names on their record book.

We passed by Naked Island. Since it’s high tide, we can’t set foot on it.

Then we went to Pacific View Resort. Entrance fee is P 20. And you have all the time to swim in the waters. This resort also caters to people who would want to stay overnight.

Then we went to Tinago River.


We’re supposed to swim and jump off from this certain house which Matt and her friends used to go but the house was already demolished.

We went to the “bukana”, or opening. And there Matty and I swam. We paid P 400 for the 3 hour use of the boat for the island hopping. We washed off and went back to Hinatuan. Boat fare is again P 100. We dropped by Enchanted River. The water at the river was near to blue.

And this is the color i’ve been seeing in photos and just what I expected on a Sunday almost noon. 😀

Kuya Julie fetched us at Hinatuan and went back to Bislig to go to International Doll House and Ocean View Park. Entrance fee is P 20. Since it’s already lunchtime, Matt and I ate at their restaurant. Reasonable prices though and good food. 😊

Drool! I love shrimps! ❤❤❤
Come let’s take at a look at their dolls.

Inside the doll house was a vast collection from Barbie to Anastasia and dolls from other countries which the owner bought at auctions. There are 2,000 dolls but the ones which have been displayed were only 1/4 of the total populace. The most expensive doll came from Russia. It’s worth P 500,000. All dolls inside have their take note.. insurances. And the doll house is airconditioned. If there is no electricity, they have generator. The brother of the owner (the owner by the way works in Switzerland) told us that if there is no aircon in the house, hairs of those dolls would fall off. Hairs of these dolls come from human hair.

See those golden dolls? They are from Russia and is worth half a million pesos.

Next year, they’re planning to put 2nd floor to the house to accommodate the remaining dolls. There are also matchbox collections inside the doll house.

Other photos from our Surigao travel:

View up from International Doll House and Ocean View Park.

Me and matt rose..(L) with the boatmen and (R) with Kuya Julie at Bislig Baywalk. Many thanks to Kuya Julie. He was the one who carried our heavy bags and our photographer and contact person for our stay in Sibadan Fish Cage aside from being our driver and tour guide!

     We are friends for keeps. Thanks Matt        Rose for bringing me to this beautiful           place. ❤❤❤

I had a great time in Surigao. Aside from the beautiful place, I had a great company! 😊😊😊 Though our travel back to Davao was not that good and very long still we were able to go home safe and alive. Thank God! ❤❤❤


**Feel free to comment or email me for your reactions, comments, suggestions and others. Would love to receive feedback from you. A lovely Sunday!**


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  1. one of the best trips ever and thank God for kuya Julie! contact him if anybody needs a tour guide and at the same time a very good driver for places there at this number 09482149902

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