Dream on..

I’m 26, turning 27 months from now. A lot of things are coming into my mind right now on how, what, and where I want to be. Here are the things that I really wanted to do before I hit 35:

1. Travel the whole world. Haha! Yeah. Whether be it with friends, family or with the love of my life 😉 orrr with myself. It’s a one hella beautiful world out there. I always thirst for adventure. I always longed to immerse myself in other culture. I always wanted to be free and independent.

2. A stable job and a great or good career. The one where I can really grow old with (in addition to love). I know Im in the right place if I love what Im doing, the bosses are good, the environment is positive (though challenges could not be avoided), workmates are friends, too, bosses appreciate and recognize your efforts, your skills would be honed, and you’d be better unlike before.

3. Save, save and save. Travel, work and save money. Allot at least 10% of my salary to my savings. That isnt so bad. Is it?

4. Marry the love of my life. Someone who sticks around and loves me despite my flaws. Who is my bestfriend and enemy at the same time. Despite the long distance, he wouldn’t give up on us. Who’d still hold my hand even if Im the type who really loves to travel and wander around and who is soooo stubborn. And oh I would love that he’ll travel with me. ❤❤❤

5. Pursue a Master’s Degree and graduate. Well, I’ve already started but I had to stop since I was transferred to another location.

Well, these are… for now.. I have 8 years to do these things. I’m still young. I just want to enjoy the life that God gave me. I dont want to put things to waste. I dont want to go regretting one day that I have not done the things which I could have done.



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