Taking the leap . . .

In this circle called life, it is up to us if we would go for unexpected opportunities or just stay in our comfort zones. If we stay, somehow there is little or no growth but if we take chances, we would learn and grow to be hopefully better.

There were times in life when I was afraid to take risks. I have doubts and “what ifs”. But unexpected circumstances made me change my perspective when it comes to life. If I would not take risks, I would not grow, I would not learn. I would not want to wake up one day and realize that I have not enjoyed my life fully because I did not take the risk.

When we grow old, what stories would we tell our grandchildren? Our great grandchildren? Well, we would really share them our experiences, the lessons that life and experience have taught us.

I remember this quote on taking opportunities and chances.


While you are still young and able, if you want to go abroad, go do it! If you want to take a Master’s Degree, take it! If you love someone and wanted them to know, tell them! Don’t get scared of doing it, you might not know what lies ahead. If the turnout would be well, good for you! But if it’s the other way around, try and do better next time. The world is round. There’s a bigger world out there, explore! Before it is too late..




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