What’s in my bucket list?

(featured image courtesy of Google Images)

Everyone has their bucketlist, right? That list of things you want to do that you have not, those things you want to do which are out of your comfort zone. I want to share with you mine:

1. Paragliding
2. Skydiving
3. Scuba Diving
4. Free Diving
5. Bungee jumping
6. Parasailing
7. Ride on a hot air balloon
8. Cliff Diving
9. Swim with the whale sharks
10. Travel to a new place at least once a year.
11. Learn how to play the guitar.
12. Learn how to swim
13. Witness the starry skies at night while lying in the sand
14. Witness Aurora Borealis
15. Obtain a Master’s Degree at 35
16. Attend a live concert at least once
17. Watch a play
18. Learn how to drive a car
19. Learn another language and Filipino dialect
20. Be a member of UNICEF
21. Create my own blogsite – On the process
22. Eat exotic food
23. Touch a snake!! It’s my greatest fear!! 😦

24. Climb at least one mountain. πŸ˜€

Will still have to check if these are all the things I wanted to do. Will add more!

By the way, what’s in your bucket list? Feel free to share yours. πŸ˜‰



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