Al Ain Adventure

One holiday here in United Arab Emirates, I, together with my boyfriend and his workmates (it’s their second or third time? and I, my first time) headed to Al Ain. It is around 135 kilometers from Capital Abu Dhabi. To give you a brief background on Al Ain, it is one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates and it is a part of Abu Dhabi which is one of the 7 Emirates in the country.

Our first stop in Al Ain is the Al Ain Palace Museum or Sheikh Zayed Palace. It used to be the former home of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, one of UAE’s founder. Entrance is free. Upon entry, Arabic coffee and Dates is offered for tourists to taste and it’s free! The area where the museum stands is wide, with many rooms and structures, beautiful gardens and a land rover similar to which the late UAE founder used to ride on.

To Al Ain Palace Museum
Me! (C) to Nico 🙂
Dates and Arabic Coffee for every tourist to taste


Beautiful isn’t it?
Al Ain travel buddies 😀


We’re hungry. To satisfy our grumbling (LOL) stomachs , we ate at Al Yahar Modern Restaurant and Kitchen. They serve Middle Eastern food. We ate using our hands which for me is better. You just have to wash your hands before you eat, ok? *winks winks*

Al Yahar Modern Restaurant and Kitchen
Food!! Nomnom!

There’s this feeling of sleepiness once your stomach’s full but no time for sleeping. We’re here for travel and adventure. 😀

After a hearty lunch, we headed to Al Ain Classic Car Museum. Unfortunately, they are closed that day. Aside from it’s a holiday, they have an event in central Abu Dhabi. We just have pictures taken outside the museum. There were a few cars though.

Pleasing to my eyes 😀
Walkin’ and walkin’ and walkin’

We just had our pictures taken outside Wadi Adventure. There’s an entrance fee and our budgets are tight. We only targeted to go to places which do not have entrance fees. HAHA!

Our last stop would be Jebel Hafeet. We passed by Green Mubazzarah and stopped over for awhile to take pictures and have a look at some views . Again, there is no entrance fee and it’s a state park.


There’s still a touch of green. Look!

Aaaand we are now on our last stop: Jebel Hafeet. From the information written about Jebel Hafeet, it is the only mountainous area in Abu Dhabi and it is the second highest peak in UAE. Jebel Hafeet rises over 1,240 meters. Oh before I forget, please do bring a sweater with you. It’s really cold up there. 🙂


Everyone’s wearing a jacket. Obviously, it’s really cold.
Oman boarder down there….

I would love to go back to Al Ain again and discover the other places which I still haven’t been to.We only covered three places for the one day adventure and there are still other places to go to. But even if we only went to a few places, I still had fun. I’m in another country and I’m eager to explore more of it.

I found a link that will be useful in your future trips to Abu Dhabi.
Visit Abu Dhabi

If you want to eat at Al Yahar Restaurant or you have queries, their contact numbers are: 037540009-037550899. Al Yahar Restaurant has branches in Al Yahar, Alain Synaia, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman.

Special thanks for the company in this adventure Sir Aerole and Ma’am Melanieand oh Adam!, Sir Carlo and Ma’am Shampoo and Sir Joseph and Nico. Til the next laag! 🙂



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