Dubai is a city and is one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates. If you are from Abu Dhabi, it’s  approximately a two-hour bus ride and if you are riding your private vehicle, it is most likely an hour and a half or less. But if you are from another country (e.g. Philippines) obviously riding on a plane is needed. Also, you have to check in your country if a visa is required and if there are other requirements needed when planning to come here in UAE.

One weekend, I together with my partner-in-crime, Nico planned to go to Dubai to explore some of its spots. We departed from Abu Dhabi at around 7:30 in the morning via bus with route E101 (bound for Ibn Battuta Mall). The bus station is open on Fridays (no worries!) to cater to travellers. Buy your tickets at the counter located inside the bus station. The ticket costs AED 25.

On our way to Dubai…

Ibn Battuta Mall is quite far from downtown Dubai. We took the metro for our first destination (it’s cheaper compared to riding on a cab). Since I am here in UAE and I can go back to Dubai anytime, I bought their metro card which is valid for 5 years. I paid AED 56 in all including the additional credit. I can use the card to ride on their buses (and bus going back to Abu Dhabi) or even cabs since some accept NOL cards as payment. Do not forget to ask cab drivers if they have the machine to swipe your card. Geez, I remember the EZ Link card in Singapore. HEHE! Ibn Battuta Station is the 4th station from Jebel Ali (1st station in the south). For tourists, you may check with the Information on what card best suits your needs.

Me and Nico at Dubai Metro Station

The first stop in our itinerary is the Dubai Miracle Garden. From Ibn Battuta Station, alight at Mall of the Emirates. Check for the bus schedule going to Miracle Garden. There was no bus available at the time we arrived. Schedule for the bus going to the Garden is still at 1 pm. We took a cab instead and paid AED 28.

There were less people in the Garden when we got there. Imagine, it was still 9:45 in the morning. The ticket to the garden costs AED 40.

For this season, the highlight at the Dubai Miracle Garden is the Emirates Airbus A380. There is even a certificate from the Guinness World Records stating that Dubai Miracle Garden achieved the largest flower arrangement/structure because of this. 🙂

Certificate from Guinness World Records

It rained that morning but the rain did not bother us anyway. The rain did not stop us from exploring the garden. At past 10, there were already many people. Lucky us we were able to take pictures from different areas in the garden before people came flocking. 😀


Fly high, Emirates!!


After two hours of strolling and savoring everything about the garden, we left and had our lunch at Fujiyama at Mall of the Emirates. Since we love rice, we chose this stall. Our meal cost AED 63 with rice and viand and drinks. We strolled around the mall to burn some calories. LOL.

Our next and last stop would be Burj Khalifa. It is that one thing I really wanted to go to in Dubai. From Mall of the Emirates station, we took the metro and alight at Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall Station. You have two choices, either to walk going to Dubai Mall or take the bus. We opted to take the bus. Swipe using your NOL Card again. Dubai Mall is a HUUUUUUUGE MALL. Larger I think compared to Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines. In the heart of Dubai Mall is a huge aquarium. You may take a closer look at what is inside the aquarium. Of course there is a certain amount to be paid.

I’m better this way. Just looking at the deep blue relaxes my mind and soul.

Going back to Burj Khalifa, entrance and selling of tickets to go up the tallest skyscraper in the world is located at the ground floor in Dubai Mall. Tickets are at AED 125 but when you buy your ticket for 3:30 viewing, it would cost you AED 200. It’s pricey maybe because it’s peak hour.

Just an advice to those planning to go up the tower: Either you book a day or days in advance or go early to book your ticket. There is a big chance that tickets might get sold out.

We went up the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa. We were excited to see Dubai 360 degrees. We’re already 124 floors on top of the world. The view was fantastic though it was a bit crowded inside. We stayed for an hour and made the most out of it, took as many pictures as we can and observed the world outside Burj Khalifa.


See you at the crossroads
I’m on the top of the world looking..
Two way ticket to the Buuuuurrrrj…

Just like the Al Ain Adventure, this is also a one day adventure. We will still go back to Dubai. For this trip, here is the breakdown of our expenses (in AED):
25 – Bus Fare (Auh to Dxb)
56 – NOL Card (includes fare going back to Abu Dhabi)
28/2 – Taxi Fare going to DMG
40 – DMG entrance
37/2 – Taxi Fare back to MOE
33 – Lunch
200 – Burj Khalifa

Aside from our DMG and Burj Khalifa adventure, I also met with two of my friends, one from highschool, Zea Chua, who is having her vacation in Dubai and the other one from college, Lisette Panlilio. It was so great seeing them both. Special thanks to Lisette Panlilio for the treat (because of Entertainer) at Evaluation Burger. Their burger is good + unlimited softdrinks. Yeehah! Btw, Lisette is a fashion blogger and an HR Practitioner based in Dubai. You may follow her IG @frugalityonfleek and check on her website Frugality on Fleek.

Thank you, Lisette!:)
With Kris Aquino, este Zea Chua. Nyaha!

‘Til the next adventure! 😉



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