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It’s been quite a time since I have not written a blog. Well actually I tried making one but deleted it after three days because one, it just doesn’t make sense. Second, it’s so not me. Third, it lacks meat – no substance and fourth, my heart was not on it. It was like I just forced myself to write something just for the sake of writing something. Get it?

There were nights when a lot of things come to my mind well not only at night but sometimes at work, my mind floats. A lot of things and ideas are coming into my mind. I am sometimes tempted to use the computer at the office for me to write a blog but I am avoiding it because I am and was there for work and not for anything else.

What do you have in mind? Tell me. Is it your next travel destination? Is it the Game of Thrones S7? (sorry not a fan of it but I’ve been seeing posts of it on my Facebook feed. lol) What are you planning to do next in your career? Are you going to sign-up and become a member of an organization that will help you develop to become the person that you want to be? that will hone and develop your skills? Is it the licensure examination that you always wanted to take but never got the chance to? And the list goes on.

We all have goals in life and so are priorities. Our priorities for 2017 might have changed. We used to think of those #travelgoals but something comes up which you have waited for so long and you simply want to grab it and I am guilty of that NOW (will go into details next year though, now is not the perfect time trust me; it’s just too early).

Changes in priorities and goals is part of being human. Certain circumstances push us to have this change. But we just have to bear in mind what and who should come first in that list. 😉

Am I making sense here? Please tell me I do. LOL.

I’d love to hear from you.




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