Making your NY resolutions into reality

It’s already 2018, a new year and a new chapter in our lives. For sure, most of  us have their NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTIONS. We go over what we have told ourselves last year but we realize that it did not materialize.

Sooooooooo… how do we we make these NY resolutions actualize? materialize?

  1. Be realistic – You might have thought of going to another country this year but you don’t have the finances or the lack of it. You need to check first what is your current situation before jumping into your resolution. Or if you are really pushing for this travel of yours, what should you do to attain it?
  2. Write ’em down – Yes you better write them. It may seem tiring on but it’s better than just memorizing them.
  3. Post in on a wall where you can just see it – What I did was post my NY resolutions on my bedroom wall so that every time I wake up, I would get to see what I wanted and be motivated to go on my day.

I hope this would help.

Happy New Year! Happy 2018!!



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