Our KL – Melaka, Malaysia trip

Malaysia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia and is one of the members of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Its capital is Kuala Lumpur and it is the largest city in the country. From what I have researched, the population in KL alone is 1.8 Million!!
Malaysia has been a tourist spot especially its capital, KL. Last January, my boyfriend and I toured the city.
We left Dubai on 14th January and arrived in KL the following morning at 9AM (airline: Singapore Airlines with stopover in Singapore then KL). From Singapore, it is just an hour plane ride.
KL has two airports, KLIA and KLIA2. KLIA2 caters to Air Asia flights, Cebu Pacific (Philippines), Scoot (Singapore) and that’s what I can only remember while KLIA caters to all other airlines.
From KLIA, we rode on a bus. It’s just 10RM;trying the Express/Transit (train) from airport to KL Sentral is more convenient (however, it’s a little bit costly around 55 RM). KLIA is far from KL Sentral, it’s around 45 minutes. We have our 25Kilos luggages with us and our backpacks (we could have surrendered them at the baggage counter in KLIA, it could have been less hassle for us).
The bus ticket. BOW. πŸ˜›

As soon as we arrived in KL sentral, we rode on a taxi and asked the driver to drop us at Goldbrick Hotel in Bukit Bintang (it’s a long story why we ended up riding on a cab). At first he dropped us somewhere. We thought he knew the location. Good thing, the man in the hotel where the driver almost dropped us was kind enough to help us locate where our hotel was. We had a bit of a hard time looking for GOLDBRICK HOTEL. There was no sign and we still need to ask people nearby.Β I would recommend Goldbrick Hotel ONLY to BACKPACKERS. We booked through Booking.com btw. Oh god! when we arrived in the hotel, we still need to carry our luggages through the stairs!! The lift is still in 1st floor. Anyway, so much for that. When we arrived in the reception, there was no electricity. The receptionist asked us to come back at 2pm but it was already 1 so we just waited.
At 2 pm, we have checked-in. We freshened up and walked the streets of Bukit Bintang. Our hotel is near Lot 10 and other shopping centers and I’ve been seeing a lot of sales!!! <3. Below are our photos while strolling around Bukit Bintang.

We decided to go to Petronas Towers in KLCC from Bukit Bintang. It’s aroundΒ 20 minutes walk from Bukit Bintang. We did not climb up the tower. We just strolled around KLCC park and took pictures with the twin towers.

Hey there beautiful! πŸ˜‰
KLCC Park πŸ™‚

For our dinner, we ate at a “hawker” within Bukit Bintang.


We had a good breakfast then rode on a Monorail from Bukit Bintang to KL Sentral. From KL Sentral we took the train going to Batu Caves. Please note that there is no entrance fee there. For ladies, please make sure that you are wearing long skirts. When we went there, I wore shorts,good thing I had my shawl and I wrapped it around my lower body.

For your information, Batu Caves is the site of a Hindu temple and shrine.

After Batu Caves, we headed back to KL Sentral, had our lunch in NU Sentral and headed to the National Mosque. After the National Mosque, we headed to Planetarium then Muzium Negara.

From Muzium Negara, we took the train to Pasar Seni where the Central Market is. From Pasar Seni station, the Central Market is just a five-minute walk. There you can find souvenirs at a cheaper price and other things which you could take home to your country. I bought this batik pants and KL shirts for my family back in Ph. πŸ™‚ Central Market has already been in Malaysia since the 18th century and up to now, tourists flock to the market.
After buying souvenirs, we went to Chinatown. We had our dinner there and we ate streetfood. HAHAHA.


We went to Little India. From Bukit Bintang, we rode on a monorail and alight at Tun Sambanthan station. We walked a few minutes and found Little India. Since NU Sentral is nearby, we ate our lunch there.

After eating at NU Sentral, we again rode on the train to Pasar Seni and walked towards National Textile Museum. KL City Gallery and Merdeka Square are just a few steps away.

My boyfriend thought of going back to Pasar Seni station on the same path we took but I insisted. We took a different direction and lo and behold! This is what we saw. They call it the “River of Life”. I have read that this is a project which is aiming for the Klang River to be transformed into a “vibrant and bustling waterfront”.


We again headed to KLCC Park in the evening to take pictures of the Petronas Towers at night but it rained. When the rain stopped, we went back to Bukit Bintang and bought another batch of souvenirs.


We availed of the Melaka City Tour. On our first day in KL at the airport. My boyfriend and I discussed that we avail of some tour packages there. For 4 days, it will cost us 1,500 RM. We just decided to avail of this Melaka tour instead at 550 RM, with own driver and car which is good for 7 hours (but you can extend if you want to). Yeah I know it’s expensive but we wanted to try.

Anyway, come the 4th day for our Melaka tour. We were fetched at the hotel and drove to Melaka. Melaka is a three-hour drive from KL down south. It is a UNESCO Heritage City. I wondered why we entered AFAMOSA Melaka then to my surprise, it is what is written on the stub! I wanted to cry and told my boyfriend about it (too childish). My boyfriend spoke with the driver and the driver spoke to the agency and we went to Melaka.

We ate our lunch at Jonker Walk. Jonker Walk is festive at night. From Jonker Walk, we walked until we reached Christ Church. Actually, we just walked all through out that trip. We went to Maritime Museum then A famosa then Gereja St. Paul then went to this mall for cold air. LOL

The following day, we are done and time to pack up and go to our home country, the Philippines! πŸ™‚


1. If you are carrying 30 Kilos luggage or those heavy luggages, it is better you leave them at the luggage counter in KLIA. There is a certain fee to pay though. Just take with you your backpack (if you have) and put your shirts and other essentials on it and you’re good to go to KL Sentral.

2. For money exchange, NEVER at the airport since they offer a lower rate unless you really need the money. Price for exchange from USD to RM is higher in downtown than at the airport (no wonder the teller at Maybank asked us if we are really sure since the rate is low).

3. Always check the label. LOL. Always check the tour package or the tour you have signed up for. In our case, we did not know that Afamosa Melaka is a resort and not the Melaka City tour we wanted to sign up for. So you should double check and do a lot of research. Time has been wasted. Grrr.

4. I think all hotels in KL have their free maps at the reception. Feel free to grab ’em. It sure will help 101%. The map includes the famous tourist spots in the city, KL City bus routes and the transit rail map. Once you know the routes, you need not to worry of getting lost.

5. Never ever forget to research further on the place you are going. I researched but I felt I still need to research a little bit more. There are a lot of places in KL that we still have not gone to due to lack of time. We had a DIY tour.

6. You can avail of that hop-on hop-off or other tour packages. You will have a chance to go to all the tourist spots in the city but the downside is, time is only limited.

7. It is never wrong to ask. It will take you places. πŸ˜›

8. It would also be best to pay a visit to KL’s museums for one to have a grasp and to know the culture and history of Malaysia.

9. It was January and it was raining a lot. Take with you an umbrella or just travel on another month. LOL.

10. Since we are tourists, there are refunds. There is tax btw. Just search more on GST in Malaysia. Well if you want to get refunded by the tax you have paid.

11. Buy a local sim. Before the Immigration counter, there are stalls selling sim cards for tourists. I cannot remember how much was the sim we purchased but it was good for 7 days and internet was around 9GB i think. Lol. Though we had the free map we got from the hotel reception, we still used the Google map. It’s a huge help.

That would be all from our KL and Melaka trip. Wootwoot!

I would love to hear from you.



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