Game changer

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People go through changes and I am no exemption.

Our department management has decided to restructure HR. They decided to let go one employee and that employee is me. Yes, I got terminated. My last working day is on 24th March. Should I be shy about this? No. It’s a reality here in the UAE. It’s not always a bed of roses here.

For the past six years that I have worked, I resigned from my previous employers not until this one. I have been in the company for only a year. And yeah things happened quickly. Things happened which is beyond my control. That afternoon I received my termination letter, I was shocked. A few minutes later, tears fell down my cheeks but I felt relief after. Things happen for a reason and may be just may be I am not meant to stay in the company.

At some point in our careers, we will experience challenges and trials. We question ourselves if are we good enough. I am already at this point now but if I am to think about it, this is all okay. Everything is going to be fine in the end.

My family already knows about my termination. I called them that afternoon. My mom told me “Ok lang yan, nak.” I told my boyfriend, my flatmates, cousins and friends here in the UAE about this. It may be sad news but life goes on. They told me positive things and that things happen for a reason. Some even told me to send to them my CV in case there is a vacancy in there company. I feel grateful for these people; even if I am faraway from my home, I still have my support system here.

But the struggle is real. The competition here is tough especially for HR practitioners like me. I don’t want to lose hope though there are times that I want to break down but I thought, this is not the end of everything.

I am still applying for jobs online and sending my CV to various companies here. It does not mean that I got terminated and that would be the end of my career, No. Sh*t just really happens. We can’t do away with that. I am positive and looking forward that one day, I will be able to find a job which I really love and like. A job that is only not a job but my PASSION.



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