Of adulting and gratitude

We were born into this world thus we have been given a chance to live. As we grow older, things are not the way they were before. As kids, we were not burden with problems even how little they seem to be. Then came teenage years where we face different battles and experiences. Now we are adults, no longer teens. It’s a more real world out there. Once we graduate college, we either put our own businesses or find a job (it depends though). Oh there are some who were not able to finish college because they have to stop schooling and help their families out.

Now we are adults. We face scenarios that we never expect to happen (either good or displeasing). We enter relationships. We wish for a successful career and others. When things do not go our way, we whine and rant.

Experiences in life teach us to be better individuals. Let us not forget to be grateful for them. Without these experiences, there’ll be no lessons and without these lessons, we wouldn’t be who and where we are today.


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